How Do You Use Vodafone TV?

Does Vodafone TV have Bluetooth?

Under normal circumstances your Vodafone TV remote will auotmatically pair with the STB using bluetooth.

This either happens automatically during first time use or manually via a remote pairing screen..

Do Vodafone do TV packages?

The Vodafone TV Plus package includes all channels and a choice of two options that include Netflix, sports and multi-room viewing alongside their broadband and landline calls for €80 per month after the initial six months. Additional packages for Sky Sports and Sky Movies will also be available.

How do I use my Vodafone TV remote?

Press and hold the Blue and Menu button until the LED (power button on your remote) blinks green twice.Enter 9+9+9+9 – the LED will blink green for each “9”. After the 4th 9, your Remote will blink Red four times and will be back to its original state.

Is Vodafone TV good?

It’s even better for Sky subscribers – Vodafone TV is genuinely a far better interface than the current MySky. It’s faster, more portable and much more comprehensive thanks to the three day catchup window.

Is Netflix free on Vodafone?

Vodafone is offering 1-year free Netflix subscription with new Samsung Galaxy S10 models. The Netflix subscription stands only for postpaid Vodafone subscribers. Prepaid subscribers are entitled to 2GB data per day along with unlimited calls for a year.

What channels do you get with Vodafone TV?

What channels do you get with Vodafone TV?Vodafone TV package: comes with 60 channels, including all of the of the BBC, RTÉ, Channel 4, and Virgin Media channels.Vodafone TV Plus: has 88 channels, including all of the 60 Vodafone TV channels, plus extras like Eurosport 1&2, and the Discovery channels.