Is Harry Potter Worth Reading?

Is Harry Potter good to read?

It’s A Smooth Read Since Harry Potter is a children’s series, it’s pretty easy to read.

The writing is clear and entertaining, and it won’t take you long to burn right through the series..

Is it worth reading Harry Potter after seeing the movie?

If you’ve watched only the movies, then just know one thing, you actually are missing out on 90% of the reasons to love harry potter! After watching the movies, you’ll get to know what has happened throughout the story. If you read the books, you’ll understand what the wizarding world really is.

Is the Harry Potter series over?

J.K. Rowling Confirms End of Harry Potter Series: ‘Harry Is Done Now’ J.K. Rowling on Saturday said there would be no more new adventures for Harry Potter, confirming that the eighth installment in the series, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, will be the last story in the saga.

Can adults read Harry Potter?

Harry Potter, though a children’s book series, is widely popular even among adults. These books are not popular without any reason, the love for these books is immense among people and once you have been introduced to the world of Harry Potter, it’s hard to return.

Is Harry Potter worth the hype?

Yes, the books are worth reading. They have a richer feel than the films do, even though the films are spectacular. J.K. Rowling is one of the most talented storytellers and literary authors in history, in my opinion. But I do honestly think there’s a lot more to reading the books.

How do you get people to read Harry Potter?

How to Convince Someone to Read Harry PotterTell the person some general things about Harry Potter. … Tell the person you want to convince to read Harry Potter about your personal experience with Harry Potter. … If you know any books or movies that the person particularly likes, compare Harry Potter to them.

Is Harry Potter worth reading Reddit?

The Harry Potter series is excellent and I’ve read it every year since I was around 27 years old or thereabouts. … Really, there are plenty of adult themes and it’s an engaging and compelling read that’s definitely worth it. Whether it’s overrated is subjective.

What grade level of reading is Harry Potter?

Harry Potter Books Harry Potter BooksTitleLexile RankGrade Reading LevelHarry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone / Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone880L5-6Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets940L5-6Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban880L5-6Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire880L5-65 more rows

Is Harry Potter overrated Reddit?

So, no. It isn’t that Harry Potter isn’t overrated. Rowling has a fantastic writing style; her language is so vibrant and lends itself perfectly to the world. … People like to argue that ‘the writing isn’t that strong’, but it’s a huge part of what made those books successful.

Can a 6 year old read Harry Potter?

Nothing wrong with any 6 year old reading Harry Potter if they are able. But you don’t need to worry about your daughter. My very prolific reader of a daughter (currently Year 6) didn’t start to read independently until the end of Year 2.

Can a 9 year old read Harry Potter?

Keep in mind that all kids are different, so assess your child’s ability to handle fright and peril before you see the movies or read the books. 7–9: A great age to begin (for younger kids, consider reading aloud together). Read: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Does reading Harry Potter make you smarter?

Almost any form of reading will improve your mind. The more you read, the more fluently you are able to read, and the more capacity you gain to read more difficult texts. You won’t actually “become smarter” in the sense of changing your genetic inheritance, but it’s certainly one way to maximise your potential.

Can I read Harry Potter to a 5 year old?

do not comprehend well enough to read books written for middle grade or young adult readers. I, frankly, would never suggest that a parent read Harry Potter to a five year old, unless that parent were comfortable with reading the material AS IS.

Who reads Harry Potter?

Jim DaleJim Dale, Narrator Of The Harry Potter Series.

What books should I read before I die?

100 books everyone should read before they die (ranked!)”To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee.”Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen.”The Diary of Anne Frank” by Anne Frank.”1984″ by George Orwell.Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” by J.K. Rowling.”The Lord of the Rings” (1-3) by J.R.R. Tolkien.More items…•