Question: Can I Get A Drop Meaning?

What does let me get a drop mean?

Get the drop on is defined as a slang expression for getting an advantage over someone or something.

An example of get the drop on is getting a thirty second head start in a race..

What does New drop mean?

It’s recently (AFAIK) become common to refer to the act of releasing a new product release as “dropping”, particularly when the product is something that might be eagerly awaited by customers.

What is a drop in?

Definition of drop-in. (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a casual visit or brief stop. 2 : one who drops in : a casual visitor.

What soap do they use in jail?

Dove® Soap, Wrapped 2.6 oz.

Why do they say don’t drop the soap in jail?

In prison it means don’t bend over because there are some men who wants to do something to hurt you if you are a new inmate because you never been in prison before and if you act paranoid and drop your soap then you will get messed up quick.

What does drop mean on Snapchat?

drop the snap = Send a message on snap chat or display your username.

What does drop the soap mean?

“Don’t drop the soap” Is mostly an American slang term meaning not to do anything that will make you vulnerable. In many US jails, sexual abuse is very common, with senior jail members assaulting then raping new ones.

Can you drop by my place?

No, there is no great difference in usage, “Drop by my place” has a small implication that the visit will be a short one; it is used “Well, if you want to borrow my hammer, drop by my place and pick it up.”

What happens if you drop the soap in a women’s jail?

The ultimate goal of the game is for the player to make parole without dropping the soap in the prison shower. If a prisoner “drops the soap”, they must return to the beginning of the game.

What does dropping mean drugs?

to take drugs, usually LSD (“acid”) or Ecstasy (MDMA). He dropped acid last night. See more words with the same meaning: to do drugs.

What does drop 30 mean?

30 (bat length) – 5 (the drop) = 25 (bat weight) For example, if you have a -5 length-to-weight ratio (or, drop) and a 30 inch bat, you subtract 5 from the 30 inches and that will give you the weight in ounces (25 ounces).

What is the meaning of price drop?

n (Stock Exchange) the price at which a new issue of shares is offered to the public. list price. n the selling price of merchandise as quoted in a catalogue or advertisement.

What does DEOP mean?

deop. Verb. (third-person singular simple present deops, present participle deopping, simple past and past participle deopped) (Internet) To demote (an IRC operat) from operator status.

What does drop you mean in texting?

drop. 1. verb, slang To end one’s friendship with someone. … verb, slang To kill someone or something. I dropped the informant, boss, don’t worry—he’ll never talk to the police again.

What does dropped mean in grades?

Why does my grade say “Dropped”? If your grade says “Dropped”, the instructor: Dropped the highest and/or lowest grade item in this category. Dropped this assignment so it does not count toward the final grade.

What does drop mean in slang?

verb – transitive to take drugs, usually LSD (“acid”) or Ecstasy (MDMA). He dropped acid last night.

Can you drop it meaning?

If you want someone to drop the subject, drop it, or let it drop, you want them to stop talking about something, often because you are annoyed that they keep talking about it. Mary Ann wished he would just drop it.

What does pick up and drop off mean?

To drop off is the opposite – to bring someone or something to a place, usually in a car. For example: We dropped him off at the airport. They dropped off books at the library. To pick up is to go somewhere and bring someone or something with you when you leave the destination – usually in a car.

What does drop up mean?

drop up. To visit a place that is north of one’s current location.

What is a drop EDM?

A drop or beat drop in popular music, especially electronic dance music styles, is a point in a music track where a sudden change of rhythm or bass line occurs, which typically is preceded by a build section and break.