Question: Is Trend Micro A Virus?

Is Trend Micro a good antivirus?

Yes, Trend Micro offers reliable antivirus protection for Mac devices.

It makes a great addition to Apple’s already built-in security tools, and it provides solid real-time protection against Mac-based malware.

But the Trend Micro Maximum Security package covers up to 10 devices (Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS)..

Is Trend Micro Internet Security good?

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security earns excellent scores in our malicious URL blocking and antiphishing tests, though it doesn’t do well in our hands-on malware protection tests. It also gets a range of scores from excellent to poor in independent lab tests.

Does Trend Micro slow down computer?

Despite ultrafast scans and lots of security-minded extras, Trend Micro’s antivirus software slows down a computer, lacks a VPN and suffers from too many false positives.

Does Trend Micro have a VPN?

Cybersecurity company Trend Micro today announced Trend Micro WiFi Protection for PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices. … It can be installed on up to six devices and automatically turns on a VPN when the device connects to an unsecured WiFi network, whether in a coffee shop, hotel, airport or even walking down the street.”

Is Trend Micro better than McAfee?

Detailed Comparison Trend Micro and McAfee are very similar, so the main difference is the number of devices protected by your subscription. McAfee is worth the extra investment, but if you only need protection for one or two devices, then Trend Micro offers virtually the same protection for a lower price tag. Winner!

Is Trend Micro better than Norton?

Norton and Trend Micro are similar in price and offer a variety of features. However, Norton is available for most operating systems while Trend Micro is only for Windows (unless you purchase the most expensive plan). … Currently, user reviews have rated Norton as slightly superior to Trend Micro.