Question: Is Turkey Expensive To Visit?

What plug adapter do I need for Turkey?

For Turkey there are two associated plug types, types C and F.

Plug type C is the plug which has two round pins and plug type F is the plug which has two round pins with two earth clips on the side.

Turkey operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz..

Is Turkey expensive for food and drink?

Food is quite cheap in most Turkey restaurants. For four adults a main course and alcoholic drinks was around £50 .

How much spending money will I need for a week in Turkey?

A vacation to Turkey for one week usually costs around TRY1,142 for one person. So, a trip to Turkey for two people costs around TRY2,285 for one week. A trip for two weeks for two people costs TRY4,570 in Turkey.

How much is a beer in Turkey 2020?

A bottle of beer from a known brand: 2.10 USD (15 TRY) A sausage or cold cuts (1 kg): 6.30 USD (45 TRY)

Do I need a visa for Turkey?

Regular entry requirements British Citizens travelling to Turkey for tourist or business purposes are able to travel without a visa for visits of up to 90 days in any 180-day period. … You’ll need to apply for a visa from the Turkish Consulate General before you travel.

How much is a cup of coffee in Istanbul?

It depends where you want to drink your coffee. In places like starbucks 6 – 15 lira is the price depending on wich coffee you want. But in a normal private place, you can get a cup of coffee for 2 – 8 liras. It is a wide price, some places make it very cheap and some make it expensive.

What money should I take to Turkey?

LiraLira is the currency of Turkey, so you’ll need to use lira for cash purchases to avoid losing out by ‘over the counter’ foreign currency exchange rates. Tip: Turkish bank ATMs do not charge a local ATM operator fee.

Is alcohol expensive in Turkey?

Since the accession of the nominally Islamist AK Party in 2002, the price of alcoholic drinks has risen sharply – mainly because of the eighty percent tax levied. Alcoholic beverages are still widely available, however, especially in the big cities of western Turkey and all resort areas.

How much spending money will I need for a week in Istanbul?

A vacation to Istanbul for one week usually costs around TRY1,324 for one person. So, a trip to Istanbul for two people costs around TRY2,649 for one week. A trip for two weeks for two people costs TRY5,297 in Istanbul.

How much is a bottle of water in Istanbul?

Half litre bottle of water: 1 TL ( US$ 0.10) Tea: Between 0.50 TL ( US$ 0.10) and 1.50 TL ( US$ 0.20) (depending on the area you are in). Soft Drink: Between 2 TL ( US$ 0.30) and 3 TL ( US$ 0.40)

Is Istanbul expensive for tourists?

Much more cheaper than Singapore. Especially food is cheap and shopping depends on what you’re buying. Izhar, Istanbul is not a very expensive city. … Compared to London, Istanbul is 92% less expensive: “…”.

Should I exchange money before I travel to Turkey?

It is best to exchange a little in the airport when you arrive and then find a bureau with a good exchange rate later in the holiday. The pound still holds it value well in countries like Turkey and Croatia so it is best to take some sterling with you to exchange.

How much does a meal cost in Turkey?

An average meal at a modest cafe will cost about 20-25 TL with the drinks. You should figure about 50-70 USD/person/day, including lunch and dinner, transportation, small souvenir purchases, museum entrance fees, incidentals, etc. However that excludes hotel expenses and major shopping.

Are things cheap in Turkey?

Cheap Things in Turkey: Restaurants : You can eat at a much cheaper price than Europe, and have plenty of more food. Restaurants are probably the cheapest thing in Turkey compared to Europe. In Europe you pay extra for appetizers, bread, sauces and even the lemon they put in the water(!).

How much cash can I take to Turkey?

Local currency (Turkish Lira-TRY) and foreign currencies: up to USD 5,000. – or equivalent. Exceeding amounts must be declared and it is required to hold a proof of purchase from an authorized bank.

What’s cheaper chicken or turkey?

According to that Ag Department document above, chicken goes for 50 cents per live-weight pound while turkey sells for 73 cents. … Chicken is both cheaper and far more convenient than turkey for your average consumer, and that’s enough. It’s no surprise that it’s the world’s poultry of choice.

Can you use US dollars in Turkey?

The official currency of Turkey (and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) is the lira. If you’re in a tourist area or a large city, you may spot prices marked up in euros – or even US dollars or pounds.