Question: Is Vivo A Good Brand?

Is vivo trusted brand?

Vivo is another brand originated from China which established a name for themselves in the same price category as Oppo and Xiaomi.

Vivo’s smartphones are most known for their terrific cameras in their smartphones.

Due to their good sets of snappers in their device Vivo is well trusted by the users..

Who is owner of Vivo?

BBK ElectronicsVivo/Parent organizations

Is vivo safe to use?

Vivo: Vivo 1609, Vivo 1601, Vivo Y55 However, none of these smartphones from the company have been launched in India so far. This also means that none of the smartphones launched in India by the company are part of Google’s ‘secure list’.

How long does vivo phone last?

The average smartphone lasts two to three years. Toward the end of its life, a phone will start to show signs of slowing down. It’s important to take stock of these so you can prepare for what comes next. Batteries in all mobile devices degrade with time.

Which phone is better redmi or Vivo?

The Vivo U20 is the clear winner here in terms of hardware as the Snapdragon 675 SoC is a lot more powerful than the Snapdragon 665. But the Redmi Note 8 gains some ground by offering better software.

Which Mobile brand is best?

Top Selling Mobile Phone Brands in IndiaS. NoBrandMobile Phone1XiaomiXiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro2AppleApple iPhone 6S3OppoRealme 3 Pro4XiaomiXiaomi Redmi 66 more rows

Is Vivo worth buying?

No, the Vivo V19 is not worth buying because the phone is overpriced. You’re getting Snapdragon 712 Soc which you can get at 10k and Vivo is charging 28k for the same processor which is not acceptable. Still, if you’re one of those people who only want to buy Vivo branded phone then this could be the phone.

Which brand is better oppo or Vivo?

In the market both these brands are known for their superior camera quality and excellent pictures. Apart from these it comes with supreme battery life similar to Oppo which is makes their competitors sweat. Hence, a lot of retail stores suggest people to purchase Vivo phones when asked about their suggestion.

Which is the best phone in vivo?

Top 10 Vivo Mobiles in IndiaVivo Y50.Vivo V19.Vivo Y30.Vivo S1 Pro.Vivo V17.Vivo U20.Vivo Y19.Vivo V17 Pro.More items…•

Which is the latest phone in vivo?

Vivo’s latest mobile launch is the S1 Prime. The smartphone was launched in 13th August 2020. The phone comes with a 6.38-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1080 pixels by 2340 pixels.

Which mobile is best in 2020?

The best smartphone of 2020: 15 top mobile phones tested and rankedXiaomi Mi Note 10.Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.iPhone SE.OnePlus 8.Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus.Sony Xperia 1 II.Google Pixel 4 XL.Huawei P30 Pro.More items…•

Is vivo better than Samsung?

Verdict: Samsung clearly wins this race with a better Battery. Vivo has a smaller battery with an older micro-USB socket. On the other hand, Vivo V15 Pro comes with a smaller 3,700mAh battery with fast charging capabilities but still the older micro-USB charging socket.

Is vivo y12 worth buying?

It’s very good with some new features like double screen,zovi And great look with ruf and tuff product. 5000 mAh battery and much more. I recommend this phone but the camera quality is not nice even if it is 8+13+2MP triple camera. This is one of my favorite phone.

Which is better oppo or vivo or Samsung?

If we also talk about price Vivo or Oppo has less price with same features compared with Samsung but they are specialist in specific features but Samsung provide you overall packed, good & stable phones.