Question: What Are The Causes Of Reflection Nebulae?

What are reflection nebulae in your answer explain the main reason for their distinctive color?

Reflection nebulae are usually blue because the scattering is more efficient for blue light than red (this is the same scattering process that gives us blue skies and red sunsets).

Reflection nebulae and emission nebulae are often seen together and are sometimes both referred to as diffuse nebulae..

What causes a nebula to condense?

According to the nebula hypothesis, the Solar System began as a nebula, an area in the Milky Way Galaxy that was a swirling concentration of cold gas and dust. Due to some perturbation, possibly from a nearby supernova, this cloud of gas and dust began to condense, or pull together under the force of its own gravity.

How do emission and reflection nebulae differ?

An emission nebula is a cloud of ionized gas. The most common source for ionizations are high energy photons emitted from a nearby star. … Reflection Nebulae are clouds of dust which are simply reflecting the light of a nearby star or stars.

What parts of nebulae contain the most matter?

Most nebulae are composed of about 90% hydrogen, 10% helium, and 0.1% heavy elements such as carbon, nitrogen, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron. These clouds of matter are also quite large. In fact, they are among the largest objects in the galaxy.

Why is a reflection nebulae generally blue?

The blue color typical of reflection nebula is caused by blue light being more efficiently scattered by the carbon dust than red light. The brightness of the nebula is determined by the size and density of the reflecting grains, and by the color and brightness of the neighboring star(s).

Is Earth in a nebula?

The planet Earth is not part of any particularly named Nebula . Earth is part of the Solar System which is part of our home galaxy, the so-called “Milky Way”, which is part of the so-called Local Group , a collection of more than 50 other galaxies in the “neighborhood” of our own galaxy.

Are nebulae dangerous?

There’s nothing especially dangerous about the nebula specifically, deep space will kill your crew in time, if their ship is damaged. They need to escape this nebula to get to somewhere they can do long-term repairs on their ship.

What is it like inside a nebula?

The inside of a nebula would not look that much different from what we see when we look out at space. In the visible spectrum is may look like a faint haze or darkening of the stars. … These images are combined to highlight the nebula. Often you can see right through them in some wavelengths of light.