Question: What Is A Conjugate Base Example?

Is water a conjugate base?

Hydroxide ion is the conjugate base of water.

When water reacts with an acid, it is acting as a base: The conjugate acid of water is the hydronium ion, H3O+, an ion formed by the association of a hydrogen ion with a water molecule..

Why conjugate base of strong acid is weak?

A strong acid like HCl donates its proton so readily that there is essentially no tendency for the conjugate base Cl– to reaccept a proton. Consequently, Cl– is a very weak base. A strong base like the H– ion accepts a proton and holds it so firmly that there is no tendency for the conjugate acid H2 to donate a proton.

What is the conjugate base for hso4?

Answer and Explanation: To find the conjugate base of hydrogen sulfate or HSO4-, you need to remove a proton. So, the conjugate base of HSO4- is SO42-.

What is a conjugate pair in math?

A pair of conjugates is a pair of binomials that are exactly the same except that the signs between the terms are opposite. To create a conjugate of a binomial, just rewrite it and change the sign of the second term.

Which acid has the strongest conjugate base?

HClOAnswer and Explanation: Of the given acids, HClO is the strongest conjugate base. This is why because, despite being a weak acid, HClO tends to lose the hydrogen easily….

What is meant by conjugate base?

Conjugate Base. conjugate base: substance formed when an acid loses a hydrogen ion. Considered a base because it can gain a hydrogen ion to reform the acid.

What is a conjugate base or acid?

A conjugate acid, within the Brønsted–Lowry acid–base theory, is a chemical compound formed by the reception of a proton (H+) by a base—in other words, it is a base with a hydrogen ion added to it, as in the reverse reaction it loses a hydrogen ion. … Acid + Base ⇌ Conjugate Base + Conjugate Acid.

What is conjugate acid base pair with example?

HOCN and OCN- are an example of a conjugate acid-base pair. The only difference between the two is a proton (H+). All acids have a conjugate base and all bases have a conjugate acid. From the list of molecule/ion pairs below, click on those that are conjugate acid-base pairs.

What is a conjugate salt?

Soluble salts that contain anions derived from weak acids form solutions that are basic. The anion is the conjugate base of a weak acid. … The cation is the conjugate acid of a weak base. For example, the ammonium ion is the conjugate acid of ammonia, a weak base.

What is the formula for the strongest conjugate base?

The strongest conjugate base is:A. NO3−B. Cl−C. SO42−D. CH3COO−

What is the conjugate acid of NaOH?

The conjugate acid of NaOH is H2 O. Sodium is a spectator ion in this compound, which means it can be ignored. In solution, OH – can accept a proton…