Quick Answer: Are Bear And Beer Homonyms?

Is bear a homonym?

The answer is simple: bair, bare, bear are homophones of the English language..

Is it bear or bare a child?

You can bear a child, bear a responsibility, ask someone to bear with you, bear a heavy load or bare your teeth. Confusion arises in the verb form, especially in the past tense. In the present tense, there are two spellings: bear and bare. to bare means to uncover, to become naked.

What is the difference between bear and bare?

The Difference between Bear and Bare Besides being the name of a big furry animal, bear functions as a verb. It means to tolerate, to carry something, or to endure. … Bare functions as an adjective or a verb. As an adjective, it can mean minimal, naked, uncovered, or without supplies.

Can you bare with me a moment?

The Internet is full of mistaken uses of homophones in expressions such as bear with me and bare with me. Bare with me doesn’t mean what you might think it means! The verb bare means “to reveal” or “to uncover.” The correct expression, “bear with me,” means “be patient with me.”

What is bare down?

: to exert full strength and concentrated attention. bear down on. 1 : emphasize. 2 : to weigh heavily on : burden.

Is bear a Homograph?

Specifically, homographs must have the same spelling, though they usually have different meanings and may be pronounced differently. The verb bear (“to carry”) and the noun bear (“large omnivorous mammal”) are homographs with the same pronunciation and different etymological origins.

Is it too much to bear or bare?

Is it too much to bear or bare? Too much to bear means something one cannot endure because it is excessive. Too much to bare is a common mistake based on the homophones bare and bear.

What bear means?

verb (used with object), bore or (Archaic) bare; borne or born; bear·ing. to hold up; support: to bear the weight of the roof. to hold or remain firm under (a load): The roof will not bear the strain of his weight. to bring forth (young); give birth to:to bear a child.

What does Homograph mean?

Homograph, homophone, and homonym all start with homo-, which means “same.” The -graph in homograph means “written.” Homographs are words that are written the same—meaning they always have the same spelling—but have different meanings. Homographs can be pronounced the same or not.

Is Desert a Homograph?

Desert (noun – arid region, wasteland – short first ‘e’ as in pet, stress on the first syllable) and Desert (verb – abandon, leave) are homonyms. The two words are spelt the same but pronounced differently and have different meanings.

Can you bear it meaning?

To bare means to uncover or expose (think to bare all). Most of the time, you won’t be telling anyone to bare with you (unless, of course, you want them to remove their clothes with you), or saying that you can’t bare it (can’t expose what?). To bear means to support or carry or endure (physically and figuratively).

What are the 20 examples of homophones?

Homophonesaccessary, accessory.ad, add.ail, ale.air, heir.aisle, I’ll, isle.all, awl.allowed, aloud.alms, arms.More items…

Does not bear thinking about?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsomething doesn’t bear thinking aboutsomething doesn’t bear thinking aboutused to say that something is so upsetting or shocking that you prefer not to think about it The long-term consequences of a nuclear leak don’t bear thinking about.

Does bare mean a lot?

The BBC.com site suggests that the slang usage of bare (very/a lot) is from the reversal from the common meaning (scarse/just enough). … It means “a lot of”, as in “there’s bare people here”, and is the classic concealing reversal of the accepted meaning that you also find in wicked, bad and cool.

What is a homophone for bear?

Bare and bear are homophones – that is, they sound the same – but have very different meanings.

Can’t bare or bear?

Bare means naked, but to bear is to carry something. A bear is also a brown furry animal, but most people keep that one straight. If you can’t bear to remember it all, just imagine a lumbering grizzly carrying a heavy load, and you’ll bear this knowledge with glee! If a bear bares his teeth, though, run!

Can’t bear with meaning?

b) to dislike something or someone very much, often so that they make you feel annoyed or impatient SYN can’t stand Oh, I really can’t bear him. can’t bear somebody doing something He can’t bear people smoking while he’s eating. can’t bear doing something I can’t bear being cold.

What is Homograph in English?

Homographs are words with the same spelling but having more than one meaning. Homographs may be pronounced the same (homonyms), or they may be pronounced differently (heteronyms, also known as heterophones).