Quick Answer: Can You Drink Alcohol With Orbera?

Who qualifies for Orbera?

To qualify for Orbera®, you must be an adult, have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 to 40, and be willing to participate in a medically supervised program..

What is the Obalon balloon made of?

The Obalon Balloon is delivered to your stomach by having you swallow a large capsule that is connected to a small bendable tube. This capsule is made with gelatin that comes from pigs. The balloon is made of plastic that is folded neatly into capsule that is slightly larger than a vitamin pill that you might take.

What happens if the gastric balloon pops?

The balloon displaces stomach volume which produces a sense of early satiety when eating. Severe adverse complications include gastric perforation (more likely in those with previous upper GI surgeries), gastric obstruction, gastric ulcer, esophagitis, and esophageal perforation.

How much is Orbera procedure?

The price of ORBERA, a new gastric balloon weight-loss procedure, varies depending on location. According to one source, the patient-reported cost of ORBERA varies from around $3,000 to around $9,000. Most reports seem to indicate a cost of about $6,000–$7,000.

How does Obalon balloon come out?

During an endoscopy procedure, your physician uses a tube with a camera to view and puncture each balloon at a time. Once deflated, the balloons are smoothly taken out of your stomach one by one. The removal procedure is typically no longer than 20 minutes.

Is the Orbera balloon safe?

Is Orbera Safe? Yes. Our surgeons at West Medical are expertly trained and educated on the Orbera gastric balloon procedure and are among the most experienced weight loss surgeons in Southern California.

How safe is the stomach balloon?

Dr. Abu Dayyeh says the balloon procedure is safe and fully reversible. Severe side effects, such as small bowel obstruction, perforation or tears in the stomach, and bleeding are rare.

How much is the balloon pill?

The balloon pill costs about $4,000, a fraction of what a gastric bypass surgery costs, and is much less invasive.

Can I fly with Obalon?

Patients should be advised not to undertake scuba diving or travel in an unpressurized airplane cabin as these activities might cause the balloons to deflate. The safety and effectiveness of the Obalon Balloon System has not been established in patients with: Type 1 diabetes.

What should I eat after Orbera?

Day 2-7 After Procedure: Full Liquid Diet Approximately two to three days after your Orbera™ Gastric Balloon procedure you can begin to incorporate more filling liquids, like protein shakes and strained soups, into your diet. Recommended foods: Low-fat yogurt.

What can you eat with a gastric balloon?

Here’s what you can expect from your post-balloon diet, as well as some tips for making the most of your gastric balloon procedure….Foods to eat this week can include:Lean meats, not fried.Cooked vegetables.Soft fruit.Jell-O.Yogurt.Oatmeal.Chunkier soups.Eggs or egg whites.

What are the side effects of Orbera?

Possible results and complications include:Low weight loss.Stomach discomfort.Nausea and vomiting.Belly or back pain.Acid reflux.Digestion issues.Blockage of food entering the stomach.Infection.

Does Obalon really work?

In the Obalon clinical trial, participants lost twice as much weight with the Obalon Balloon System than with diet and exercise alone. Approximately 89 percent of the total weight lost at six months was still kept off at one year.

How much weight do you lose with a gastric balloon?

Based on a summary of currently available treatments, loss of about 7% to 15% of body weight is typical during the six months after intragastric balloon placement. Total excess weight loss ranges from 30% to 47%.

Does insurance pay for Orbera?

Because of this, the intragastic balloon procedure is typically not covered by insurance and is paid for out of pocket by the patient. Most gastric balloon providers offer low-cost financing options to make the procedures more affordable.

How can I shrink my stomach?

How to Shrink Your StomachWith food LESS TRULY IS MORE. One of the best example of this is s reducing the desires of your stomach and appetite and simply getting used to less. … Control hunger as a strategy for weight loss? … Eat Breakfast. … Eat Vegetables and Whole Grains. … Eat Slowly. … Drink Water. … Sleep Enough. … Curb Emotional Eating.More items…•

How much weight can you lose with Orbera?

The amount of weight loss to be expected is specific to each device; but in general, most devices will achieve 15-20% TBWL (Total Body Weight Loss; ie a 100kg person could expect to lose 15-20 kg on average*).

Can I drink alcohol with a gastric balloon?

Yes, with the ORBERA gastric balloon, you can consume alcohol, however, it is advised that you significantly limit your consumption. Alcoholic beverages can be high in calories and, in large quantities, undermine weight loss efforts.