Quick Answer: Does Payzone Do British Gas?

Where can I top up gas and electric?

Top up your prepayment card or key at a PayPoint, Payzone outlet or at your nearest Post Office..

Can I top up my British Gas online?

The easiest way to top up is on the British Gas website, just access your account to Top up online now. You don’t need your smart meter number, and if you save your debit/credit card, future top ups will take you just a few clicks. … On the British Gas app – download it to top up easily, whenever and wherever you want.

Can you pay money into Halifax at the post office?

Pay in cash and cheques You are able to pay cash and cheques into your account over Post Office® counters.

Why are PayPoint stopping British Gas?

PayPoint is currently one of the main ways of topping up prepayment meters for British Gas customers. … In a message to shareholders, PayPoint said it had “been unable to agree appropriate renewal terms for its multi-year contract and will cease working with British Gas and its customers after 31 December 2019”.

Where can I top up my British Gas 2020?

Customers can also make payments at 11,500 post office branches. From 1 January 2020, British Gas customers will have to top up at either one of Payzone’s 13,000 locations or the same post offices as now.

Can you top up gas and electric at post office?

Our bill payment services provide people with an alternative way to pay their bills including gas, electricity, water, mobile phone top-ups and SIM cards. … You can still access our bill payment services in our Post Office branches and Payzone stores as normal.

Where can I top up my British Gas Payzone?

British Gas: Frequently Asked QuestionsYou can activate both your card or key by simply putting them into your meter for at least a minute. … You can then top up your key or card at a Payzone retailer or Post Office convenient for you.More items…

How do I top up my smart meter?

It’s really easy to do – just follow these simple steps:Visit our smart meter top-up website. Once you’re there, click ‘Top-up now’.Choose your service. … Give us your reference number and contact details. … Enter your payment details and confirm. … Check your confirmation.

Can you top up gas and electric online?

If you’ve got a smart meter and are on our Smart PAYG+ plan, you can top up your electricity and gas online. However, if you’ve got an older, traditional meter or you’re on Smart PAYG Standard and use a key or card to top up, you’ll need to top up at a PayPoint instead.

Can I top up my prepayment meter Online?

It’s simple to top up your smart Pay As You Go meter whenever you need to. The easiest way is to top up online or use our SSE Top-Up app which you can download below. You can also take your top-up card along to any Post Office branch or any shop that offers PayPoint.

Can you top up British Gas at post office?

You can also top up or pay your British Gas bills at any Post Office.

Why has British Gas changed Payzone?

The new arrangement means British Gas customers will need to go to a Post Office branch or Payzone store to do all their over-the-counter transactions, a change which may be inconvenient for some people in rural areas, the elderly or other people with reduced mobility who may have difficulties altering their current …

What is a payzone outlet?

This means you can pay your bills and top up at your local branch. … This means you can pay your bills and top up at your local branch. Use the Branch Finder to locate your closest Post Office. Payzone stores are open. Our retailers are truly amazing and are committed to serving their local communities.

How much can you top up British Gas?

From Wednesday 1 January, there will be two main ways to top up: Top up in person at post offices or Payzone terminals. British Gas customers will be able to top up at 11,500 local post offices and 13,000 Payzone locations. At both, the minimum top up is £5.

How do I get a new British Gas top up card?

Getting your new cardAccess your account online.Select ‘Manage account’ for the fuel that needs a replacement card.Click on ‘Order a new payment card’ in the ‘Your payments’ section.Confirm your name and delivery address are correct and then click ‘Submit your details’

How do I remove my card details from British Gas?

How to close and clear the appGo to ‘Settings’ and ‘Application Manager’Find the British Gas app in the list and select it.Press ‘Force Stop’ and ‘OK’ to exit the app.Press ‘Clear Data’ and ‘OK’ to wipe any data stored in the app – you’ll lose any user ID’s or added accounts.More items…

Does Asda do electric top up?

If you have a prepay meter for your gas or electric you can top-up at the PayPoint terminal in an Asda store. All major gas and electricity suppliers are supported.

Where can I get British Gas Electric key?

You can collect a new one from your nearest Payzone. Alternatively, we can post you a new card or key within three working days. Contact our Pay as you go live chat agents to get a new one. Remember to activate your new card or key by leaving it in your meter for one minute.

Will my electricity run out at night?

Money saving / Will my electric run out at night? Your electric shouldn’t run out at night – learn more about emergency credit here. If you pay for your electric with a prepayment meter, it is possible for you to run out of credit and therefore power.

Do shops make money from PayPoint?

Payment services company PayPoint is profitable for the “average” retailer, City analysts have concluded. The analysis by David McCann, James Hamilton and Jonathan Goslin, of Numis Securities, refutes retailers’ claims they are making a loss on the service and follows last month’s commission cap reductions.