Quick Answer: Is PUBG Being Banned?

Is PUBG being banned in India?

The government is considering a ban on the battle royale format game over data security concerns.

While the fate of the game is not known, it is always good to be prepared.

In case, the game gets banned in India, gamers need not worry as there are other worthy alternatives available..

Why the PUBG is banned?

Insiders believe that PUBG also must have been put through the security scanner by the sleuths, but that it must have passed the test for the time being. Some also say that data theft is the one and only basis for the ban, and that is why the notification was from the IT ministry, and not from the ministry of trade.

How long is a PUBG ban?

2) PUBG will never ask you for your password, and PUBG will be committed to protect and securely manage user’s personal information….Rules of Conduct.Penalty Criteria for MisconductMaximum Penalty PeriodUsage of Inappropriate Nicknames30 Days BanTeamkillingPermanent BanTeamingPermanent BanGameplay Interference30 Days Ban13 more rows

In which country is PUBG banned?

PUBG has been banned by several countries including Iraq, Jordan, Nepal. The game is also banned in the Indian state of Gujarat and Indonesian province of Aceh.

Is Roblox banned in China?

No, as China Blocks Google, because there’s a lot of anti-communist rhetoric on Google, and the government doesn’t want them all to see free speech and opinion from the outside world. … This meanings that Roblox cannot be played on computer, as Roblox is part of the search results of Google.

Is PUBG going to be banned?

The government may soon ban PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) in India. Reports suggesting a ban on 275 apps have started to surface online a month after the Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps, including popular ones like TikTok, UC Browser, citing data security concerns.