Quick Answer: Is Realme 2 Pro A Gaming Phone?

Is Realme 3 best for PUBG?

The Realme 3 runs games like PUBG and Asphalt 9 really well, offering a consistently smooth, lag-free experience even with the graphics setting on high.

Games work well not only because of the Helio P70 SoC, but also thanks to Game Space, which bumps up the performance of the device while gaming..

Is Realme good for gaming?

Also dubbed as one of the best phones for gaming in its price segment, the smartphone’s real power comes from its speed and smooth graphics performance; the latter attributes itself with the phone’s Adreno 616 GPU. On paper, the Realme 3 Pro should run basic games smoothly.

Is Realme x2 good for PUBG?

With PUBG Mobile, the Realme X2 supports the “Ultra” frame rate option as the highest setting. This means that it only facilitates a maximum of 40fps in theory. In PUBG Mobile, the gameplay is fairly smooth and there’s barely any frame rate drop.

Is Realme 2 Pro waterproof?

No, RealMe 2 Pro does not possess any IP certification to protect your phone against water damage. …

Does Realme x2 have liquid cooling?

The Realme X2 also gets the same chipset, but with 4GB/6GB/8GB of RAM and 64GB/128GB of expandable storage. Winner: POCO X2 for offering higher built-in storage and dedicated liquid cooling.

Is Realme x2 Pro good for PUBG?

The details and textures looked rich and vibrant while the gameplay was super smooth. On Gamebench, we noted that the Realme X2 Pro delivered 60 FPS at 100 percent stability in PUBG Mobile and 60 FPS at 97 percent stability in Call of Duty: Mobile while on Asphalt 9 it stuck to 30 FPS at 92 percent stability.

Does Realme 2 Pro support 4k?

The Realme 2 Pro records videos in 2160p, 1080p and 720p at 30fps. There is an always-available digital stabilization for the 1080p videos which does an excellent job in stabilizing the footage. Unfortunately, there is no EIS for the 4K video capture.

Is Realme x2 a gaming phone?

This is one of the better phones under Rs 20,000 with the only dampener being the camera performance in low light. The X2 is a smart buy if you want a good gaming device with a long battery life and fast charging and are not that much bothered about low-light photography.

Is Realme 2 PRO good phone?

The Realme 2 Pro delivers well on its promise of being a powerful phone. We think that many people will see its appeal too, especially at the price of Rs. 17,990 for the version with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

Why is Realme 2 Pro so cheap?

So the reason why Realme is able to offer such capable smartphones at such attractive prices is because of the efforts put in by its parent brand; OPPO. Here is an analogy that perfectly describes why Realme was able to price its phone so well.

Does Realme 2 Pro get ColorOS 7?

Realme X2 Pro users will be the first to receive the beta version of ColorOS 7 from December 18 onwards. Share this: Come 2020, Realme will roll out the ColorOS 7 for some of its smartphones in India. … The ColorOS 7 rollout will commence from January 2020.

Is Realme Pro 2 worth buying?

The Realme 2 Pro goes all out as an affordable mid-range smartphone. It brings an edge-to-edge dewdrop design, packs a powerful Snapdragon 660 chipset, offers up to 8GB of RAM and a trio of 16MP cameras, all at a price starting at Rs 13,990. At this price, the Realme 2 Pro brings a lot of segment-first features.

Is Realme 5 Pro a gaming phone?

The Whole PUBG gameplay was Super Smooth. … The device didn’t heated for a single time during the whole Gameplay which is very good Impression. I am really very much impressed with the Gaming Performance on realme 5 Pro. Now it’s my Primary Device for Gaming especially for PUBG Mobile.

Is Realme 2 Pro good for gaming?

The high frame rate mode can be opened on AOV and high definition image quality and high frame rate can be realized on PUBG. The gaming experience on this device is very similar to the one that we got on OnePlus 6 and the Vivo Nex. As a high-performance device, the Realme 2 Pro delivers on the money.

Is Realme 3 Pro is a gaming phone?

Realme 3 Pro Performance and Software. “The Realme 3 Pro really is one of the best phones for gaming in this price segment.” Realme is emphasising speed with the Realme 3 Pro and that is because the Realme 3 Pro gets a 2.2GHz octa-core Snapdragon 710 chipset based on a 10nm process.