Quick Answer: Which Is Better TruthFinder Vs BeenVerified?

What is the most accurate background check website?


All the essentials plus education.

Intelius Background check.

US Search.

Simple, comprehensive and relatively affordable.

US Search Background check.


Good, affordable and accurate.



Good value when it’s available.

Instant Checkmate.

An affordable all-rounder..

What is the best background check app?

Best Free Background Check Services for 2020:Our RankBackground Check CompanyFree Offer1.ShareAble by TransUnionFree and paid.2.Better FutureFree and paid.3.BeenVerifiedFree and paid.4.Data FactsFree and paid.Jul 25, 2020

People Search | Find People By Name AnyWho provides a free online people search directory where you can find people by their name, address or you can do a reverse lookup by phone number. The AnyWho People Search is updated weekly with phone numbers of individuals from across the nation.

How accurate is BeenVerified?

That being said, even with some inaccuracies, BeenVerified outperformed most other people search sites like US Search in terms of basic information. … However, we found that when it came down to wealth, work history, and other information related to a background check, the information was not accurate.

Is TruthFinder a safe site?

TruthFinder is safe, and there is no TruthFinder virus. We go to great measures to ensure your safety. The TruthFinder website uses a secure SSL certificate and 128-bit encryption.

How can I get personal information on someone for free?

Type the whole, or just last name, into a search engine such as Google, Clusty or Yahoo. In the search results, look for family web pages, myspace or facebook pages, or photo sites such as Flickr.com. These provide a wealth of free information about anyone.

Is TruthFinder free and legit?

No, currently there isn’t a free version or free trial of TruthFinder. Most reputable background check services are not free.

How hard is it to cancel TruthFinder?

Cancel Over The Phone If you want to stop your service, contact our member care department at (800) 699-8081. You can reach them by phone, with the exception of some major holidays. Just give them your account info, and they’ll terminate your membership.

Are TruthFinder and instant checkmate the same?

The biggest differences between the two are their pricing, customer satisfaction, and mobile app. … Truthfinder has an iOS mobile application and a satisfaction guarantee, with a promise to refund if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. Instant Checkmate** also has an app with 166 review and a 4.6/5 rating*.

Is there a totally free background check?

Free background checks do not cover any criminal records. … Any Free Background Check Company would also need to require from you, as the cosumer of the background check, to remain compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

What background check do most employers use?

Background checks for employment are most commonly performed to verify criminal records (84%), employment history (72%), and identity (67%), according to a recent report by HireRight, a background report provider. Less common reasons for conducting background checks are: Education verification (49%)

Is Instant Checkmate a virus?

Yes, Instant Checkmate is safe. The company has a verified Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate and uses 128-bit encryption. Instant Checkmate also runs malware checks with Norton Antivirus software daily.

Are there any free public record sites?

There are many types of public records that are available for free at the federal, state, county and city level. Some examples of free public records are census data, property information, tax liens and judgments, criminal records, bankruptcies and court records.

What causes a red flag on a background check?

Meaning, if you were convicted of a crime that is relevant to the job’s responsibilities, you’ll set off a red flag. … That said, there are some red flags that generally make employers hesitant to hire job candidates. Read on to learn what can make you fail a background check.

Do people know if you look them up on TruthFinder?

Does TruthFinder notify the person you look up? Your TruthFinder search history is always private, so the person in question will never know that you searched for their report.

Is TruthFinder hard to cancel?

TruthFinder will charge the recurring membership fee of $27.78 to the same payment option you use today until you cancel. To cancel your subscription, call 1 (800) 699-8081 anytime. … To cancel your subscription, call 1 (800) 699-8081 anytime.