What To Do After Killing All The Plague Hearts?

Do plague hearts regenerate health?

It will not.

If you move maps, it will spawn a new set of Hearts, so you can destroy all but 1 or 2, then move and repeat as much as you want..

Are plague hearts random?

Plague Hearts are mounds of festering flesh that spawn randomly in buildings on your map. There is a fixed amount of them per map, and part of the “end game” goals for your playthrough is to destroy them all.

How do you kill a juggernaut in state of decay?

The answer is simple — you need to shoot them.To kill Juggernauts, you need to aim for the head. Shoot, shoot, and keep shooting until the skull is exposed. … When downed, quickly sprint toward the Juggernaut and finish it off with an [RT+X] attack. If you don’t, it will recover and continue to attack.

What happens after you kill all plague hearts?

Destroying the Plague Heart instantly kills all Plague Zombies in the area. However, for each Plague Heart removed, remaining Hearts become stronger. Though killing a Plague Heart kills all Plague Zombies in the area, it has no effect on regular zombies and freaks around the location.

How many plague hearts in nightmare?

15 heartsWhen you are out of resources or your survivor is weak capture an outpost and replenish. There are a maximum of 15 hearts on nightmare, a fraction of them are in the worst position where you can’t reach them.

How many plague hearts are in state of decay 2?

10 Plague HeartsThere are 10 Plague Hearts on each map and unlike Infestations the Plague Hearts do not respawn and are permanently removed from the map once destroyed.

How do you beat the plague hearts in state of decay 2?

Plague Hearts are only vulnerable to fire, which means you’ll need to come prepared if you’re hoping to destroy enough Plague Hearts to eradicate the Blood Plague in State of Decay 2. Being vulnerable to fire means that you can use any fire-based weaponry to eliminate Plague Hearts.

Can you kill all the zombies in state of decay 2?

Plague Zombies: You can also eliminate the Plague Zombies by driving on them. After dying they drop Plague Samples that can be used for crafting plague cure. That’s it, these are the six zombies of State of Decay 2 and tips to kill them. For more such guides on the game you can read our State of Decay 2 wiki guide.

Does state of decay 2 get harder over time?

Difficulty in State of Decay 2 is a combination of many things, the days you survived, plague hearts destroyed and the amount of infestation on the map. … The difficulty spike does reach a peak after certain days have passed or if you destroyed all the hearts.